Enlarged lymph nodes often indicate that the body's inflammatory process occurs.The function of the lymph nodes - filter all fall into the circulatory system components.And when lymph nodes fall pathogens that begins active work lymphocytes, which kill harmful bacteria.If a large number of bacteria, and they continue to multiply, and the increased number of lymphocytes - the nodes begin to grow, become inflamed, red skin over them, there are painful lymph nodes oschuscheniya.Vospalennye always great, they hurt to touch, a person may have a fever, and the total fixedmalaise.Reddened skin over the lymph node shows that purulent process began - sometimes human condition deteriorates, begins chills, fever, etc.If the lymph node is increased, but not much, and does not hurt the overall condition is
not broken, it is a sign of the active functioning of the lymph node.This happens when the disease is not severe intoxication or illness has passed.Some time later, a lymph node becomes normal razmery.Chasto reason for the increase is an infectious disease of the lymph nodes, at least - Cancer.Inflammation of the lymph nodes may be a sign of angina or acute respiratory viral infections normal or severe illness (leukemia, lymphoma, etc.).Children inflamed lymph nodes more frequently than in adults.In very young children, some lymph nodes slightly increased in size, and can act on the skin's surface - it can be a feature of the individual child.But if the inflammation is pronounced and the size of the lymph node is more than two centimeters, then it is a sign of serious damage organizma.Pri presence of chronic infection in the body lymph nodes does not hurt, but slightly increased in size.So they can stay after a viral or bacterial infection, as well as the transition of acute to the chronic stage of the disease (chronic tonsillitis, for example).Lymph nodes can become inflamed after the inoculation, but after a few weeks, they have to reach their original size.Sometimes taking certain medicinal drugs causes an increase in the lymph nodes (people with hypersensitivity to drug).