During magnetic resonance imaging of the back comes the so-called layered shot spine, surrounding tissue and spinal cord.During the procedure, the patient is placed in a magnetic field, which creates a special device, and the magnetization occurs cells, which allows the reader to keep track of their swings and extend the results of the pictures.Imaging takes 5 to 40 minutes, and an accuracy of diagnosing a disease by 95% and above.

This modern diagnosis of diseases of the back reveals the early stages of diseases such as osteochondrosis and spondylosis, metastases, tumors, hernias and spinal protrusion, pathological changes in the spinal cord, the violation of the spinal blood circulation and prevent their development.

The advantage of this method ove
r other research that when executed by the body there is no exposure, good view all the tissues and joints of the vertebrae.

Rules preparation for imaging the spine

On tomography recommend to come on an empty stomach.The last meal should be no earlier than 8 hours before the procedure.

necessary to inform the doctor who will perform the imaging of a allergies and what medications taken by the patient at the time of the survey on chronic diseases of any kind, if any.

before to stay on a table device for the procedure, you must remove all jewelry, dentures, hair clips, watches, underwear with metal fittings, glasses, as they may affect the image and interfere with the machine.In addition, you will need to wear a gown or apron, which is sure to have in every office imaging.

If any symptoms necessarily need to do imaging of the spine

Magnetic resonance imaging of the spine is assigned. As a rule, with a strong long-term pain in the back of unknown etymology.In addition, the reason may be headaches, disruptions in heart rate, numbness and change the color of their skin.

reason may be difficulty with urination and problems with the sexual organs, if you can not identify the cause of their appearance, pain in the pelvis or shoulders.

Contraindications to scan

There are a number of contraindications for magnetic resonance imaging of the spine.It is impossible in any case to carry out scans for patients who have a pacemaker or a aggravation occurred any chronic disease at the time of the procedure.

claustrophobic patients, or those who have mental disorders, it is recommended to carry out a study using magnetic resonance apparatus of open type in order to avoid a panic attack.

Contraindications to this type of study and also serve as pregnancy, lactation and under 12 years old.