Main types of massage tables

First, select the appropriate type of structure.If you choose a massage table to places where it will always be in one place - for example, to the beauty salon or gym - give preference to the stationary model.Such a product can withstand very high loads, different reliability, strength and durability.If you plan to frequently move the table from place to place, to visit clients, bringing their equipment with them, look for a portable model.This table is easy to fold and fit in a special compact case.Their mass is relatively small as the load they can withstand.

Note also the set of elements.Classic massage table has only one section and is suitable for classical procedures.Two-piece models are complemented by a movable headrest
, thanks to which they can be used to perform complex treatments.Three-section table is equipped with special tops that can be moved to lower and raise.These products allow the most complex procedures, including drainage massage and stretching the spine.Well, if the table is equipped with additional sections of the electric drive, as it allows you to easily and quickly change the arrangement of the individual elements.

more nuances

Carefully choose the size of the massage table.Optimal width - 50-75 cm. If it is selected, it is important to find a compromise between comfort and convenience of the client masseur: the narrower the table, the harder it fit the visitor;but it is wider than the stronger to lean expert.The length of the table can vary from 180 to 210 cm. The longest models typically complemented a hole for the face.As for the height of the table, it depends on the growth of the masseur.The person of average build with the growth of 170-180 cm table height fit 70-80 cm. In all other cases, including when one table in an institution has several massage therapists, better to choose a product with adjustable height.

When choosing a massage table is required to pay attention to the quality of the coating.It must comply with a number of requirements: be pleasant to the touch, eco-friendly, easy to maintain, resistant to abrasion, capable of withstanding heavy loads.

important also a set of additional elements, which can be operated massage therapist.These include anti-theft face, head restraints, armrests, shelves for hand massage rollers, table tops for the aromatic oils.