reasons for darkening teeth

main cause darkening of the teeth can become a habit, like smoking or a cup of coffee in the morning.Even the use of certain medications may cause such a reaction.

Age Human also is the reason of the fact that the teeth over time microcracks, resulting in browning enamel.

bleaching Air Flow

bleaching Air Flow is now very common in dentistry.Its essence lies in the fact that the air jet is mixed with water and of very fine powder, using the device removes all harmful and unnecessary components: tartar, plaque and food dark patina smoker.And the color of the enamel itself with this method does not change, but if until the dark color enamel plaque was white, the result will be perfect.

Using Air Flow more than once prohibit
ed, as has the triple use leads to thinning of the dental enamel and the appearance of hypersensitive teeth, which can not be cured.

Laser whitening

Laser whitening is considered the best method.The essence of this method consists in applying the composition directly to the teeth of hydrogen peroxide and its activation by means of a carbon dioxide laser.Bleaching occurs in a matter of seconds, it is the most harmless method, and your smile will become snow-white all in one session.Laser radiation, having antibacterial properties, is the prevention of tooth decay.Moreover, it allows to bleach teeth several shades.With proper care whitening will last at least seven years.

Ultrasound whitening

Ultrasound whitening is ideal for patients with sensitive teeth.The duration of this procedure may take thirty minutes, because it uses a small concentration of the oxidizing agent, it all goes completely painless for the patient.The main drawback of this method is the need for repeat procedures to produce the desired result.


photobleaching is new in dentistry.The duration of the session not more than two hours, but the achieved results will remain for a long time.The essence of this method consists in exposing the whitening composition applied to the teeth, halogen light under the influence of which the active substance is released oxygen, the cleaning enamel dark pigmentation.However, the main disadvantage of this procedure is the high sensitivity of the teeth and a nasty taste in the mouth.