Mammography Breast

Mammography - a diagnostic X-ray method.There are two types of mammography: analog (film) and digital.During the analog mammography breast image is printed on the film, during the digital mammography - is displayed on the monitor screen.The advantage of the digital format is that the results can be stored on different media.In addition a digital image can be processed on a computer, for example, increase or make contrast.However, film mammography is considered to be more informative.

Currently, mammography breast is the main method of mass preventive examination of healthy women.This is due to the high incidence and the high accuracy of this method of research, ease its implementation, as well as a relatively small cost.However, as a result
of the passage of the body gets mammography radiation exposure.By the way digital mammography provides a lower dose of radiation than film.

breast ultrasound

Ultrasound - Ultrasound is a method of diagnosis.The main advantage of breast ultrasound to mammography in absolute safety of this method of research.In addition ultrasound to view all areas of the breast, including those that are not readily available in the X-ray study.Another significant advantage of breast ultrasound - a constant improvement of the survey method, which increases the information content of the diagnosis.However, compared to mammography breast ultrasound is a more expensive method of research.

mammography and breast ultrasound - what to choose?

Both methods of breast examination are not interchangeable.Rather, they complement each other, allowing the doctor to get a more detailed picture of disease.Mammography, for example, is better suited for the detection of calcifications - a cluster of calcium salts, the presence of which may indicate the initial stage of breast malignancy.But with the help of a breast ultrasound can detect tumors of small size.In addition, breast ultrasound to distinguish cysts from tumors that are rarely associated with malignant processes.But during the ultrasound the doctor will not be able to distinguish the tumor from calcifications.

prescribed by a doctor for early detection of breast disease for women under the age of 35 years as a diagnostic method should choose a breast ultrasound, and women older than 35 years - a mammogram.This is due to two reasons.Firstly, the breast tissue in young women has a higher density, so ultrasound is more informative than mammography.Secondly, the risk of malignant tumors in the breast in young women is relatively small, so they should be directed to the chest X-ray study only if serious suspicion of the presence of cancer.