Make an appointment with an experienced gynecologist.You will examine and appoint ultrasound to see the internal structure of the uterus.Helix is ​​chosen individually and depends on several parameters: the length of the cervix and its size.Be sure to consult with your doctor about the metal of which must be spiral .Women over 40 most commonly prescribed hormonal coil, and which have a healing effect on the endometrium.
Get spiral at any pharmacy, but do not confuse its shape and size, as are many species, it is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations of the gynecologist.When buying pay attention to the integrity of the package and the
date of production, and because of spirals have an expiration date, after which it can not be put.
Wait menstruation, and as soon as it's over, go to the hospital.Putting spiral not hurt, so do not worry.The gynecologist will introduce you to a contraceptive in the cervix, and then you have to lie down on a gynecological chair.Bleeding is usually not, but weak selection is possible.
Try not to lift anything heavy for about 14 days, you can not have sex, too.Keep an eye on your feelings, if you have back or whining starts bleeding, immediately contact the hospital.Do not be amiss, and do an ultrasound to see how is the spiral after administration.
If you become pregnant with spiral th - that's no reason for abortion.You can give birth, of course, if the ovum is not pierced contraceptives.If you are all right, you just derive spiral , and you calm pregnancy denunciations.Be careful if you do not want to get pregnant, spiral often falls.