Bandage is a convenient device that helps keep the abdominal wall and internal organs that prevents premature lowering of the fetus in the uterus, reduces the load on the spine and reduces the likelihood of stretch marks in the abdomen.

Judging from all of the above, a band plays a very important role during pregnancy, but the question arises: "What do you choose the band, and what you should look for when choosing a band?"

There are many types of prenatal bandages, but you can select from these three types, which are the most common and easy to use:

  • bandage in the form of shorts.This band has a front supporting elastic insert that supports the stomach below.But there is also this type of bandage is inconvenient, it will either have to
    be washed frequently, or buy a few pieces.

  • bandage in the form of a belt.This type of bandage in the form of an elastic band, which is worn on the underwear.

  • Universal bandage.The most convenient and practical view of the shroud, it is presented in the form of belts that can be adjusted using velcro on the sides, allowing you to wear it not just on any stage of pregnancy, and after giving birth.

Buy prenatal bandage can be either in the store or in the pharmacy, but certainly before the purchase it is necessary to try.If the model is a band that you choose, you prevent or crushes, better to abandon this model and example to others.It should also take into account the fact that the bandage is worn panties in a prone position and a bandage belt while sitting or standing.The first two three days may be unfamiliar feeling of heckling in the shroud, but then that feeling passes and becomes more comfortable.If in doubt, you can consult with your doctor and he will help you choose the right tire.But in any case it will not bring harm to the bandage, and only make life easier for future mothers.