Situations requiring catheterization procedure

This type of manipulation of the bladder is carried out, if necessary, washing the bladder (to remove the pus, decomposition products of tiny stones or tissue prior to cystoscopy) to derive a chronic urinary retention, withinflammation in the urinary tract or vesicoureteral reflux.Also, this procedure is prescribed if it is necessary to enter into the bladder of a drug (pursuing diagnostic or therapeutic purposes) or before surgery under epidural or general anesthesia.

Technology of bladder catheterization procedures

main tools for this procedure, catheters are usually used catheters №16-20, necessarily sterilized for 30 minutes before use.May also be used and elastic catheters, sterilized solution oksitsianida mercury or elastic fabric catheters decontaminated in formalin vapor.

Before the procedure, a specialist handles the hands were washed with soap and water and then proteraet alcohol.The opening of the female urethra is also treated with disinfectant soaked cotton ball.

With the fingers of the left hand the doctor pushes the outer labia, women and pre-treated with petroleum jelly or glycerine gently introduce the catheter into the right hand opening of the urethra.When urine stop further movement of the catheter and is attached to its drain.After completion of urine doctor may slightly push through the abdominal wall in the area of ​​the bladder, to highlight the remains of urine.

If the purpose of this procedure was a quantitative measurement of residual urine, collected material is placed in a measuring cup.When the manipulation was accomplished with a view to instillation after drug administration the catheter is removed.If the procedure is carried out with a view to draining of the bladder, the balloon disposed at the end of the catheter is placed saline.

In the case of frequent catheterization procedure, a woman can begin urethral fever, manifested fever because of the suction of the infected content through the tiniest damage to the mucous membrane of the urethra women.Therefore, in such cases, the bladder, before removing the catheter, introduced a special disinfecting solution and appointed antibiotics.