Why mug douches

enema is used as a hospital for bowel cleansing prior to surgery, childbirth, and other procedures and at home for detoxification during fasting and prolonged constipation.Often this procedure in humans is associated with something extremely unpleasant, and it simply afraid.Of course, much pleasure it can deliver, but if you prepare for it and do everything right, everything will take place without further trouble.

mug douches can be purchased at the pharmacy, it is inexpensive.This device looks like a bottle with a long thin tube having at the end of the faucet.

best to put an enema in the evening before bedtime.Before the procedure you need to empty the bowel naturally.For enema need a half liter of warm boiled water.It is necessary to cool to room temperature.Then, you simply unscrew the valve on the end of the tu
be and pour a mug Esmarch to water, adding the pre-salt.Water should fill the entire device.After that you need to tighten the tap.

As an enema

enema can be done in two ways.For convenience, secure mug douches at a height of about one and a half meters.To do this in the bathroom hook suitable for showering or towels.After this, you kneel down, lifting the pelvis higher.To reduce discomfort, you should lubricate the anus with petroleum jelly, butter, or other means, a little grease can be applied to the tip of the tube.

then need to enter the end of the tube into the anus as far as possible and begin to slowly unscrew the tap.No hurry, otherwise you may experience discomfort, especially if you have to do an enema first.When all the liquid will be inside the body should remain in genucubital position for 5-6 minutes.If there are strong desires in a toilet, it is possible to shorten the procedure.It is necessary to know that the pain of this procedure should not be.It suggests that the gut is stretched.Accordingly, it is necessary to stop the fluid supply.

can use an alternative method, and an enema using a mug Esmarch in the bath.You need to fix the medical device at the desired height, get some water in the tub and lay down in her stomach.Then insert the end of the tube and slowly open the valve on the mug Esmarch.Being in water, it is easier to move a stream of water, which fills the body.In the bath there is a possibility to turn to the side, so that the solution is well washed intestine.

should know that with the help of an enema mug douches have contraindications.In particular, hemorrhoids, cancer of the rectum, inflammation of the anus.