Massagers - are devices that can provide assistance to those people who want to monitor their health and beauty.In some cases, they are an aid to achieve this goal, for example, to get rid of cellulite.In other situations, massagers become a major source of health.

But over the past decade, the number of companies manufacturers and models of the technology has increased considerably.Therefore, the buyer quite difficult to decide on the purchase.Not to be mistaken with the product, you need to know exactly what there massagers.

Types massagers

Today, there are two main kinds of massagers:

  • universal;
  • specialized.

Each type has its purpose, as well as their pros and cons.The first type consists essentially of tumblers elektrovibromassazherov which have included several nozzles and operating modes.Thanks to them, the device can be used

for acupressure, stimulating blood circulation, massaging the scalp, and others. But to find a high-quality universal massager today is very problematic.

Specialised massager divided into several types:

  • to stop;
  • for the skin;
  • vacuum;
  • miostimulyatory.

Each type massagers designed for specific purposes and skin.Vacuum tumblers, for example, allow you to get rid of toxic substances and waste with the help of sweating.

Miostimulators designed to improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage of the body.The technique can be used by women who want to get rid of cellulite and excess fat.But massagers will benefit only in conjunction with a healthy diet and physical activity.

Where can I buy equipment

Buy simulators can be almost anywhere.It is much harder to get a quality product at an affordable price.The first place where you should turn to a cosmetics store.It may belong to any large company, such as "Oriflame".In the store you can get advice and buy the necessary goods.

can also pay attention to teleshopping.They often appear massager good quality and reliable performance.Sometimes the technique appears on the shelves of pharmacies.But the prices in these institutions may be overstated.