This method of fertilization as insemination, very close to the natural.Technology and worked for a long time considered to be safe, close to the natural conception.During the procedure, the future mother of the vagina in a special way that facilitates the movement of the sperm to the mature egg, sperm injected collected the future father of the child.
artificial insemination is recommended for disorders of a sexual nature, sluggish, inactive sperm of the husband or his complete impotence.
Incompatibility immunities of potential parents, in which sperm are simply dying, hitting into the vagina of the potential mother, too, is an indication for artificial insemination.
operations in the area of ​​the cervix
, infertility, wife or husband of an unknown nature, persistent breach of ovulation and internal abnormalities in women, including the incorrect position of the uterus - the factors under which a specialist may recommend IVF.
Very often, in all the above cases, resort to the help of the donor.For example, in the absence of donor sperm motility without natural fertilization is impossible.Some diseases can be transmitted to a man-child, so artificial insemination will also be output in such a situation.
If problems men do not allow him to conceive the normal way, receiving in vitro fertilization a woman should be in the childbearing age, she should not be a disease that can occur during pregnancy, menstruation should be regular.
to sperm male special requirements.The period of abstinence from sex before insemination is three days, but more than six days in this case is not allowed.Before the fence sperm a man urinating in order to clear the urethra, conducted cleansing genitals.Then, after masturbation semen is collected in a special container, liquefied it half an hour and purified from seminal fluid, and then the scum of the cell are also removed by doctors.
Only then selects the most frisky sperm, which must then get into a woman's vagina.Sperm treated so that it does not cause allergies or inflammation in women.Processing is a prerequisite for carrying out this operation.