China has managed to combine the experience and knowledge of the ancient healers with modern technology.─ As a result, people got unique in its therapeutic effectiveness of the product.But even the Chinese warn such methods do not always help.That is why they do not try acupuncture to treat appendicitis.

Evidence-based medicine uses methods of treatment, the effectiveness of which is within limits, the result is predictable treatment tactics and easily adjusted.Doctors across the country use uniform recommendations and guidelines that ensure interchangeability of doctors.

Not quite right to argue that the official medicine does not use methods of folk.A huge number of potent drugs are made of plant-based raw materials used or synthetically produced analogues.These drugs have no significant negative
natural medicines ─ the doctor knows exactly the dosage of substance.

Modern doctors often resort to national methods, for example, when the headache is caused by overwork, the doctor will recommend no analgesic tablet and chamomile tea or mint.

representatives of traditional medicine are now also moving to a technique in which the share of the active substance is known and the natural raw materials free of impurities.This is a modern approach to learning.But when the symptoms of the disease is already serious enough, they always resort to innovative techniques, advise patients to apply to specialists.

In Russia, most doctors are sharply negative attitude to the national methods, but only for patients who believe that traditional methods are safe and effective against any disease.The fact that many medicinal plants are poisonous and can be collected for therapeutic purposes only at a certain period.Flaws in the preparation of infusions and decoctions, too often ends sadly, until death.The patient may need to take on the task specialist, at home it's almost impossible.For example, urine can actually be used as an antiseptic ─ it normally sterile as any biological fluid.But such disinfection can be relevant only in the field and in cases where there is no other way out.Treat, for example, purulent blepharitis and sore throat in this manner is unacceptable.

homeopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, Chinese medicine, health food ─ all of these techniques are taking place at a competent and effective cooperation with specialists doctors of alternative medicine.Their big disadvantage is that needs a fruitful and long-term contact with the patient's physician.That is, these professionals can only help part of the population, and only in cases when it comes to preventive treatment, treatment in the recovery period and the early stages of the disease.