description of the surgery using the welding apparatus

apparatus for carrying out such manipulations provides four types of work: welding, overlapping, coagulation and cutting.Welding process of soft tissue, through this technology, as follows: connecting tissue layers close to each other surface, after which the surgeon squeezes the welded portion of tissue using electrodes and welding tool comprises a current source.

After disconnecting the power source, seized the fabric a little free, and then the process is repeated, and so on until complete wound closure.Fabrics are welded, and subsequently the resulting seam is cut using the same tools.Through this unit, no sutures for ligation of vessels is not required (this fact eliminates the risk of inflammation and of infection).The effect of this operation of the d
evice is comparable with a scalpel, and performing simultaneously coagulate blood vessels and fixation.

Action is based on the effect of electro-thermal denaturation of protein molecules.As a result, you can operate the living tissues of the human body and thus eliminates the possibility of bleeding.This tissue is not burned, and welded.

Such high-frequency surgery is less traumatic and entirely bloodless.Places stitches after the operation quickly and easily heal.Scars month ago on the operated intestines are very thin and almost imperceptible.This fact is crucial, because the cause of many failures, after the traditional operations, is caused due to scarring of the joints, stenosis.

Application electrofusion surgery

electrocautery instrument to be effectively applied in gynecology, ophthalmology, urology and oncology.Clinically perform plastic fallopian tubes, when operating the ureter - obtained by sufficiently strong connections with absolute integrity, and sutured to the stomach, except for getting its contents into the peritoneum.

coagulation process is used for the opening and stop bleeding different, the connection is achieved by electric layers of tissue healing and education easily seams.And during electric welding operations on the liver can replace expensive and very complicated to use ultrasonic scalpels.Transactions using this technology allowed for clinical use in Russia, Ukraine, the United States and Belarus.