The diagnosis in oriental medicine

should be remembered that in the Eastern world adopted a completely different approach to the anatomy of the body rather than, than in Europe.In accordance with the basic thesis of oriental medicine the human body - is a kind of cosmic energy bioprovodnik with holes in a row nine.The internal organs are classified as dense and hollow.The body meridians braided number 12, through which receives cosmic energy.A Chinese doctor has the skills and abilities to see and hear the manifestation of these meridians.

diagnosis do you put on the knock pulse and a visual inspection of the language.The doctor will determine what weakness you suffer now, and maybe even tell what you were sick when you were
a kid.The verdict will be in the form of a diagnosis for your perception at least unusual.You announce that you chill in the liver unit in a certain meridian and the wind do not go in the right direction, but in our out-patient department in this state would be a threat to you to diagnose stroke.

doctor of Chinese medicine believes that a person gets sick from an imbalance in the body - at the absolute health observed balance of heat and cold, motion and rest, humidity and dryness.At the point of the meridian line where there is pain, you should only prick of the needle - and a way to open the energy again.But acupuncture for treatment - only an additional measure, and that's not all medicine in China.

Without pharmacology health will not restore even the Chinese with their reflexology.The backbone, the main armament of Chinese medicine - a little more than a dozen drugs, and only three of them are allowed to be used in Russia.This "Boluses Huato" - an effective tool against stroke, "Koronatera" - a treatment for angina, hemorrhoid ointment "Bezornil."

Myths and legends of Chinese medicine

If you believe the legends of advertising, the preparations of Chinese medicine in our pharmacological market is immeasurably greater than these three, and they supposedly cure almost all human ills, but it's not drugs, but only supplements.

believed that ginseng - almost a panacea for all ills, which can be taken without restrictions for everybody, and it is very difficult to administer the drug.Only an experienced doctor can determine the dose receiving no harm to the patient.

Chinese doctor is armed with a minimum of 150 herbs, of which is therapeutic drugs.In Russia, only grows only 5 of them.

With acupuncture really can perform anesthesia for dental extractions, surgery, and even abortion.