primarily a Japanese doctor looking at a patient blues - the "spirit".Methods of assessment described his famous master of acupuncture Okabe Sodo: the state of the blues can be judged by the radiance enveloping body, the gleam in his eyes and klzhi gloss, clarity of voice and liveliness of movement, as well as the depth and uniformity of breathing.All of these factors can be evaluated in the region where the patient is only included in the study.The more blue, more favorable prognosis.

Watching the approach of the patient, the doctor pays attention to his gait.Rotated out toes, stooped posture and lethargy movements indicate a predominance of energy in (the equivalent of Yin).If your toes are turned inward, back straight and energetic movements, it shows predom

inance of energy g (equivalent yang).

Then you can move on to the examination of the face, tongue, ears, hands, hair and nails.Language and snakes, exactly like a person can use to mikrodiagnostiki - a method in which part of the body is associated with the entire organism as a whole.Mikrodiagnostika combined with the assessment of imbalances in the meridians through palpation points.

In the diagnosis of the person in and the ratio g and signs of imbalance in the meridians are established according to the general shape and facial features.Face in the form of a triangle, facing the top down, with a wide forehead, pointed chin, and wide-set eyes, evidence of the type of constitution in.A person with a square chin and a narrow forehead and close-set eyes points to the constitution of the body such as e.

important information can also be obtained on the patient's eye.Large eyes indicate an increased intake of food types in, and the small - that prevails in the diet food g.Rare eyebrows indicate an excess of sugar and short eyelashes - an excess of products of animal origin."Bags" or dark circles under the eyes indicate the violation of certain functions of the kidneys and swelling.White areas around the iris of the eye and under it - a state of ill health associated with poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

narrow nose with small nostrils - a sign of the weakness of the lungs, and red nose, "potatoes" indicates possible heart problems.Long nose - an indicator of the constitution in, and the short - e.Constitution Ying also sootvetsvtuet small mouth with thin lips, and the Constitution g - big mouth with full lips.Dark lips indicate poor circulation, and pale and dry - on the dysfunction of the stomach.

Hands and feet are measured by size, color and texture of the skin.As it is possible to judge the state of meridians, beginning and ending at the tips of the fingers and toes.Short thick fingers and powerful hands with full hands indicate a strong constitution, and slender fingers and flexible palm - on weaker.Wet palm - a sign of metabolic disorders, and the dry and hot - an indication of the excess g and "inner glow".

Doctor detects and stores the data, and later joins them with the information obtained by other diagnostic methods.Like a detective, to work on unraveling the crime, it combines logic with intuition, to finally come to an accurate diagnostic conclusion.