The benefits of laughter

Laughter is good for the human body for several reasons:

- Improving the physical condition of the person.When a person laughs, his facial muscles are working, and abdominal muscles, which has a positive impact on the body and its physical form.Due to this effect on the press is massage effect on internal organs, including the intestines are not, that isthe body is cleared.

- Increase immunity.Prolonged laughter, the body produces immunoglobulin A, which are necessary to fight infections.

- a calming effect on the nervous system.With regard to the chemical processes during the laughter in the body reduces the amount of cortisol and epinephrine ("alarm hormone

s") in the blood and increases the amount of endorphin ("hormone of joy").

- The best work of the cardiovascular system.Laughter as a process - it is a kind of breathing exercises, through which the blood is saturated with oxygen faster.Heart attack during laughter beats faster, which is the prevention of heart attack.

turns out that laughter to tears - this is not just a good mood and warm up all the muscles of the face, but therapeutic effect on all body systems .When seasonal apathy, susceptibility to infections, or insomnia laughter therapy can be a real salvation without the use of drugs.

interesting theory in psychology is considered entertaining James-Lange theory, according to which human emotions born from the external manifestations , and not vice versa.Previously, it was assumed that a person laughs, because he was enjoying himself.In this theory, the inverse relationship: the man becomes fun, because he laughs.

Apply this theory to practice is easy: when sad, you can just force myself to laugh.First to go will be insincere, but then the laughter always "win."To help yourself, you can remember a funny incident from the life that always brings a smile.The mood after such an arbitrary attack of laughter improves, and the causes of the sadness will seem insignificant.

Laughter as a treatment

Laughter can be attributed to psychotherapeutic treatment.The first such method of treatment employed journalist and writer Norman Cousins.He was 64 years old when he revealed collagen - a disease in which the affected bone and connective tissue.Typically, such a diagnosis people did not live longer than a year.Cousins ​​left the hospital, took a room in a hotel and every day for 5-6 hours a day watching a comedy.A month later, he ceased to feel a lot of pain, and a few months back to normal life and work.He is considered the first person who was cured of a serious illness by means laughter.

There are several areas smehoterapii that are used alone or complement each other:

- clowning, especially important when treating children when dressed doctors and guest artists perform for patients,

- classic laughter therapy, in which the person worksa psychologist in individual or batch mode, and most of the treatment given to laughter,

- laughter yoga (yoga hasya) or smehoyoga who learn to laugh easily, often and easily.

In classical smehoterapii used not only laughter as a tool of influence on the body, but also the breathing exercises to stabilize the nervous system, spine exercises for relaxation and relieve muscle tension, training, deep relaxation and inner peace.Traditional courses smehoterapii take about 10-12 sessions.Each session lasts about 3 hours and most of the time is spent directly laughter.

founder of Laughter Yoga is considered a physiotherapist from Bombay Madan Katari.He created the first club hasya yoga, which was originally a group of friends who while relaxing in the park laughing and performing with some asanas.The movement of people interested, and now around the world created more than 1,000 clubs and associations, where the practice of this kind of treatment.Self-employment from the looks very strange group of people touching their heads or bodies (eg holding hands) and laughs out loud.Along with these fun exercises people learn breathing practices, perform stretching exercises and yoga postures usual.These classes are free from stress, relieve complexes and contribute to the removal of internal barriers, as well as many psychosomatic illnesses (in other words, caused by emotions and feelings), respectively, and help to get rid of them.

have this kind of therapy, there are some contraindications.Before visiting or independently practicing laughter therapy, should consult a doctor, especially for those who have problems with heart, epilepsy or mental illness.Perhaps the lessons and positive impact on these patients, but there are completely opposite situation.

laugh at yourself, friends, films or other objects is possible without smehoterapii courses.This body will benefit tremendously from laughing, but there will be no unpleasant symptoms.We need to try to look for something positive in every moment, have fun, smile and laugh till you drop.This will help not only to take life easier, but also improve health.