Proctologists - are doctors involved in the treatment and prevention of diseases that somehow relate to the intestines, and sometimes human perineum.If until 1997, the year proctology examined and treated only the rectum, at the present time, these doctors are engaged in treatment and prevention in general the entire area of ​​the large intestine.Therefore proctologists often referred coloproctology and bowel examination procedure - a colonoscopy (in translation from the Greek colon - «colon").
proctology is the area of ​​medical knowledge, considering the diagnosis, treatment, research and prevention of rectum and colon, as well as bodies adjacent.From this perspective, the proctologist - a specialist in the gastrointestinal tract of humans.In particular, these experts are enga
ged in treatment and prevention of this widespread disease among people as hemorrhoids.This inflammation and thrombosis of the so-called hemorrhoidal veins located in the anus person.However, only this work is not limited to the proctologist.
It should be noted that the consultations, and sometimes surgery proctologist in the following cases: regular constipation and diarrhea;sharp pain in the anus, is activated during walking (or in a sitting position);the appearance of swelling in the anus;blood in the feces;unpleasant feeling of a foreign body in the anus.In order not to bring their health status to the extreme, as well as for the prevention and prevention of these problems need to be regularly scheduled inspection in the office of the proctologist.
Regular inspection at the proctologist is shown not only to people suffering from diseases of the intestine.The risk also includes pregnant women (third trimester) and recent mothers;women have entered the menopause.People suffering from overweight, those who for a long time is in a sitting position, whose relatives had suffered from colon cancer should also regularly visit the proctologist.