As medical science dentistry formed less than a hundred years ago, after the merger of the dental practice and oral and maxillofacial surgery.Initially dentistry engaged artisans, bath attendants and barbers who just removed a bad tooth.However, that all changed at the end of 17-18 centuries, when the eminent French physician P. Foshar published his works that have made this medical dentistry industry.That's when dentists began to use arsenic to kill nerves in the teeth, and later were invented and the first drill.
first higher dental education began to give private Habilitation, opened on the basis of the surgical clinic of Moscow University in 1885, Pro
fessor N. Znamensky.After 25 years of public health departments was established a number of independent departments dentistry, equipped with its technical laboratories and clinics.Today, dentistry has become a rapidly evolving medical science, which employs such doctors as a dental hygienist (teeth cleaning), therapist (treatment of enamel, canals and gum), orthopedist (prosthetics), an orthodontist (bite correction), Periodontics (gum disease and periodontal), gnathology (pathology of the temporomandibular joint) and the surgeon.
In modern dentistry using the latest equipment, complemented by high professionalism of doctors.However, this is mainly the prerogative of private clinics, who buy expensive anesthesia and best drill.In addition, treatment of caries today operate with laser or chemical agent, is laid in a cavity, where it destroys the diseased tissue of the tooth, after which they were easier to remove.
also modern dentists use abrasive machining cavities in which the cavity of the tooth under high pressure is fed a special abrasive that makes it easy to cut the top layer of the diseased tissue.Significantly increased and the quality of prosthetics.Crowns and implants are today perfectly recreate the lost teeth any shape and do not differ from their "native" predecessors.