this concept of 30-40 years of the last century introduced the Russian scientists.As the age of the calendar, biovozrast - temporal characteristics.It reflects the individual formation, maturation and aging.It is no coincidence foreign scientists operate on the same term, "the age of development."
to 26-28 years the body grows, develops, and then begins to age.Therefore, the biological age - is the degree of growth, maturity and aging of the human body.The greater biological age, the worse the health outcomes.
Human development studies anthropology age - auxology.Scientists estimate biological age on such basic criteria such as age of the bones, teeth, general physio
logical, sexual, mental and intellectual development.
in the consciousness of society has long been ingrained belief that a woman ages earlier than men.Hence the conclusion: the groom must be older than the bride.But it is a striking example of substitution of the biological age of the passport.In fact, as proven by gerontologists, women ages six to eight years later.And, unlike men remain active vitality into old age.
But the paradox is that women are, unfortunately, used to fade.Before fading reproductive function.In the past makes itself felt atherosclerosis.This often is a "masculinization" of women.Coarsens his voice, face wrinkles, thinning hair, getting worse figure, gait ... Because of this, the woman loses her sex appeal, and gives the impression of early aging.
Wither the men usually extends over decades.They have a much longer retain the ability to procreate.Youthful appearance envy men their wives.
But really, despite the purely external youthfulness, life potential of men leaves much to be desired.They are worn over the body, which corrode sclerotic processes.And because more than biological age, and life expectancy is less.
What is so strongly influences the biological age?First of all social factors.Look at the city's 40-year-old woman who strictly monitors your skin, food, sleep.And compare it with the rural middle-aged woman who is raising three children, prepares to horde households, milking a cow, and the oppression of the back of the beds of potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes.Which one looks older?
In addition, the biological age dramatically increase transferred stress, turmoil, disease, malnutrition, adverse climatic and environmental conditions.And, of course, bad habits.
Pay attention to your face for a long time women smoking and drunkenness men - the difference is small.Condition skin - one of the surest signs of biological age.And on nicotine, alcohol, and the skin becomes thinner, previously covered with wrinkles.
But perhaps the most important - Charged cells vitality.This body engaged in special structures: mitochondria.The less energy the faster approaching old age.In the mitochondria of living of people, unfortunately, do not work well, it is a general trend.But to stimulate their activity is easy: perfect body with energy charge any feasible exercise.