In Gestalt therapy is based on the idea that the human mind is capable of self-regulation, to creative change under the influence of the environment.In order to become a mentally healthy person should take full responsibility for their actions and thoughts.The therapist just to help the patient to switch from continuous interpretation of the situation on their direct experience as they have a "here and now".

theory of Gestalt therapy

Everything that happens to us happens on the border, contact: This term refers to the border that separates the person as a unity of the body and mind from the environment.That is, all human actions are formed at this boundary and not just because, but because at the time of the formation they allowed to interact effectively with it.
Medical conditions occur when the environment is changing, and the person continues to operate the usual way, that can not give the desired result.The therapist must help the person understand their actions and modify them in accordance with the new situation and new demands.

Fritz Perls never dealt theorizing, and emphasized the practice, the terms of Gestalt therapy administered by his disciples.

The term Gestalt, gave its name to this area of ​​psychology comes from the German gestalt, which translates as "structure, form" means a coherent unit of consciousness with which a therapist can work.Unfinished situations are incomplete gestalt that negatively affect a person's life.

practice of Gestalt therapy

mainly practice of Gestalt therapy is reduced to such methods to the patient, which allows him to get to experience their true feelings, thoughts and needs.To do this, Gestalt therapists have developed various practices and training.The most well-known method of Perls - "hot seat", which is that while group therapy, one participant sits on a special chair and it immediately sent to all the attention of the therapist and the group.Gestalt therapy also offers such practices as monodrama, art therapy, acceptance of responsibility, immersing in the here and now, split the background and figure.

methods developed by Gestalt therapists actively use and other therapeutic areas, for example, they are used in bioksenovoy therapy to help get rid of the addiction.

Gestalt therapist does not provide advice or make conclusions, it only provokes reactions in the human and helps him realize them.


A successful outcome of Gestalt therapy a person begins to better understand themselves and their actions, studies usurp his experience that is only possible when it is awareness, to perceive their image in all aspects - spiritual, social,, rational, emotional and physical.