1. Pay attention to diet.If you are used to eating often, weight loss may not occur.After feeling the hunger, the body begins to store fat for future use.So, eat more often, throw a snack between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2. Some diets eliminate the consumption of fruit and berries.It is quite dangerous, because the body ceases to flow fiber.Include in your diet strawberries , kiwi, blueberries, cherries - even in small amounts.

3. Weight gain can occur if you are completely exclude fats from the menu.To avoid this, itself fueled by monounsaturated oils such as olive oil is very helpful.

4. The diet will not work if it is not balanced, if a negative effect on metabolism, blood sugar at blood.Fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins must be ingested in

the correct proportions - then diet "will work."

5. Do not eat through "I can not," without appetite.Food is tasteless?Creative imagination, cook the dish is not so, as always.Pour the curd with honey, yoghurt and berries make a cocktail, bright complete your salad.

6. No need to, sitting on a diet , dramatically increasing physical activity to begin.Weight will take a while, but then reappears if you do not continue intense sporting activities.Therefore, choose a load that will get you the strength not only for a short "diet" time.

7. If you decide taboo sugar, try to avoid extremes.Did you - gipotonik, in this case the lack of sweet faces migraines and fainting.Sometimes it is useful to give a tone of sweet tea to drink or eat some chocolate.

8. In no case do not begin and end with a diet sharply.Your body does not shake such will benefit.Therefore, in advance, about a week before the start of diet to facilitate food , reduces its caloric value.