Tip 1: Why enlarged liver

Increased liver doctors called hepatomegaly.The reasons for this phenomenon are many.But in any case, this illness is an alarming sign and may indicate a serious illness in the body.
As a rule, small hepatomegaly no alarming symptoms.But if the process is delayed, the person begins to feel heaviness in the stomach.Also, most of the diseases of the liver accompanied by nausea, weight loss, jaundice, chronic weakness.To identify the cause of ailments need to conduct a series of tests, so you need to see a doctor.The reasons for the increase in the liver a lot, but the main ones are viral infections, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, alcohol, certain medications, toxins, genetic narusheniya.Gepatit - inflammation of the liver, followed by the withering away of liver tissue sections.The main cause of the disease are viruses, alcohol, stagnation of bile in the liver.There are acute and chronic hepatitis.Symptoms may include enlargement of the liver, reduced disability, pain in the right upper quadrant, feve
r, jaundice whites of the eyes and skin, regurgitation with a bitter taste, dark urine, and others. In the blood of an infected person are found typical for hepatitis changes: an increase in bilirubin, specific markers of viruses.Cirrhosis of the liver.This disease can cause fluoride poisoning, antibiotics, arsenic.But half of cirrhosis - is not finished the cure hepatitis.During this disease die of the liver cells, and there are changes in the liver and dangerous disruption of the whole organism.This leads to problems with digestion, stool changes, exhaustion, chronic jaundice.If time does not take action, then the symptoms become brighter.It appears temperature, sharp pains in the abdomen due to the fact that the liver increases.There are stools and vomiting blood, abdominal dropsy, the skin of the abdomen, you can see the pattern of veins (symptom of the head of Medusa).As reasons for the increase of the liver may be an autoimmune disease, metabolic syndrome, chronic heart failure, venous thrombosis, blocking the veins of the liver.

Tip 2: Why can be enlarged liver

liver enlargement, or, to speak the language of science, gepatomagaliya directly indicates its condition.However, many people, in spite of the disease, the body still has a normal and sometimes even smaller size.
Why it can be enlarged liver

Typically, a slight increase in the size of the liver occurs without any symptoms.Only when this process goes too far, having the feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, discomfort, feeling of fullness in the upper sections.Among other things, the vast majority of liver disease is also accompanied by unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, jaundice, weight loss, weakness, chronic fatigue.

If you suspect something was wrong, it is better to consult a doctor.Even during a routine inspection it can detect an enlarged liver.If the liver is rapidly increasing in size, it will react badly to palpation.Inspection procedure is as follows: the doctor palpating the liver through the abdominal wall, evaluates the size, and also draws attention to its density, shape, tenderness.So, if the liver is increased due to accumulation of blood, fatty or acute hepatitis, it is soft to the touch.If it is firm to the touch and has an irregular shape, it indicates that diseases like cirrhosis.Availability nodes clearly perceived by palpation usually indicates malignancy.

However, during the examination, the doctor could not identify the causes of liver enlargement.To find out what was the development gepatmegalii, must pass certain tests.First of all you need a blood test, which is determined with the help of liver enzymes, as well as other disorders associated with liver disease.Be sure to go through an ultrasound examination or a CT scan, which will objectively evaluate the size and external changes in the liver.A liver biopsy is needed to reveal the possible fat disease or cancer, and with the help of magnetic resonance imaging check bile ducts.

reasons for the increase of the liver may be many, and quite often this body changes its size for different reasons.If the liver is inflamed or there is a fatty degeneration of the body, it causes infection, the action of toxins, certain drugs, hepatitis, autoimmune diseases, genetic disorders.Cyst and a tumor that has spread to the liver, causing her the abnormal growths.Often associated with enlargement of the liver with blood circulation problems such as venous thrombosis, chronic heart failure, blockage of small blood vessels of the liver.

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