you need
  • - oil;
  • - honey;
  • - pharmacy daisy.
Protect throat .At the first appearance of unpleasant sensations forget drinks with ice, loud conversation and singing karaoke.It is important to protect the throat because without external stimuli accelerate his recovery at times.
Avoid consumption of food and beverages in the cold, and in too hot.Choose something in between.Warm food and drinks not irritate the throat , which greatly speeds up your recovery.
Use chamomile.This plant has excellent healing properties.Use it two ways.Or brew in the boiling water, leave for 15 minutes and drink with honey or make broth and rinse them throat three times a day.Perhaps
the combination of these two methods.Anti-inflammatory properties of this plant will help you heal quickly throat and get rid of the associated symptoms of colds.
Drink warm milk and butter.Heat a cup of milk until warm but not hot state.Add to it about a teaspoon of butter, stir thoroughly until completely dissolved.Drink this mixture before going to bed.You can wrap your neck warm scarf.In the morning, the pain will be much smaller and will disappear after two applications at all.
Pour into a glass of warm water, add to it half a teaspoon of salt, 2-3 drops of iodine.Move and rinse with this solution throat two or three times a day.The antibacterial properties of salt and iodine supersede infection causing a sore throat.
Use honey.This product helps with a variety of diseases, including in case of problems with the throat m. Take about a teaspoon of honey, put in your mouth as long as possible and absorbable him, trying not to swallow.Honey will slowly drain to the throat, making it easier to kill the pain and infection.
compresses.Regular alcohol compress, made at night, warms throat and relieve you from the excruciating pain in it.Take a 40-percent solution of alcohol (vodka or take).Slightly heat it.Soak in a solution of gauze, apply to the neck.Cover it with a plastic bag for better heat retention.Top shook warm scarf and run with it compress at least 3 hours, and better leave it on overnight.