«Akvadetrim" is assigned as a remedy deficiency of vitamin D, as well as to prevent its occurrence.Moreover, the drug for osteoporosis can be administered, but only a part of complex therapy.Vitamin D in the form of an aqueous solution is well absorbed, so it can be used even in preterm infants.
often "Akvadetrim" used long course.For treatment to be effective during the whole time of the drug, it is important to observe the conditions of storage.In the original unopened packaging "Akvadetrim" can be stored for three years, the truth should remove it away from direct sunlight and heat sources.Better if it will be a closed box, which do not have access to children.If the room temperature is above 25 ° C, the drug should be put in a cool place, for example in the refrigerator door.
If the integrity of the original packing was broken, the shelf life of the drug is significantly reduced.Thus, after opening the bottle "Akvadetrim" can be stored for no longer than one month.
After opening the factory packaging, remove "Akvadetrim" in the refrigerator door.It is important to ensure that the unit was defective and freezin too.If the refrigerating chamber temperature falls below 5 ° C, there is no guarantee that the product will retain all the useful properties even in a tightly closed bottle.
Light detrimental effect on "Akvadetrim."That is why the drug is available in a bottle of dark glass.However, for a better safety of medicines after each use, remove the bottle in a cardboard box in which it was originally.