you need
  • - salt;
  • - water.
hypertonic solution may be 2-10%.Depending on the purpose for which it is planned to use the tool, the salt concentration will be different.Since the technology of preparation of the solution is quite simple, and the treatment is better to use a freshly prepared fluid, do not try to stock up for the future of medicine.Self-prepared solution can not be stored.
for gargling angina, and laryngitis is required is not very concentrated solution.2 grams of salt is dissolved in 10
0 ml of warm water, thoroughly mix the liquid so that it does not remain undissolved salt crystals.
for gastric lavage for poisoning needs about a liter of hypertonic solution, so salt is required in an amount of 30 grams.Pour it into a liter of hot boiling water and stir until dissolved.Before use, the solution to cool to 37 degrees.
If the patient is not required enema, but you need to empty the bowel (eg, postpartum or post-operative period) should prepare a 5% hypertonic solution.For procedures require only 100-200 ml of liquid, depending on the age and weight of the patient.To 5 grams of salt is added to 100 ml of hot water, the solution was thoroughly mixed and allowed to cool to 37-38 degrees.
for the treatment of purulent wounds needed 10% hypertonic solution.The higher the salt concentration, the worse it dissolves, and the ingress of salt crystals on an open wound is unacceptable.Therefore, the technology of preparation of the solution will be a little different from the above.
Pour into the beaker 10 grams of salt and fill it with tap water to 100 ml.Pour the liquid into a saucepan and slowly bring to a boil.This procedure will allow the salt solution to the end and disinfect solution, so its use is safe.Before using fluid must be cooled to room temperature.