The main cause of this disease is an infection: Streptococci, Escherichia coli and fungi genus Candida, occur after taking antibiotics.Immunocompromised, hypothermia, poor personal hygiene and sexual health, surgery and other factors could also become a catalyst for the development of cystitis.

treat cystitis Primary quite real folk remedies.Correct, gentle power without hot spices and fried foods, drink plenty of cranberry juice can greatly facilitate the course of the disease.Herbal teas of chamomile, bearberry leaves, cranberries and remove irritation and a hot tub and a hot water bottle on the abdomen effectively remove sharp, cutting pain.Bed rest is required in this case.But if the symptoms do not disappear, it will be necessary to seek expert advice - urologist or gynecologist.

After passing urine and blood, and also on the b

asis of complaints of the patient, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment.Basically it is the reception of antibacterial drugs that eliminate the root cause of the disease, anti-inflammatory therapy, as well as improving immunity by taking vitamins, and immunomodulators.

Particular attention should be paid to this disease during pregnancy, to prevent a possible threat to the life of the baby.Treat Cystitis in this case is much more difficult, because antibiotics are absolutely contraindicated.But there is an alternative - is holding instillation, ie injecting medication directly through the urethra.Holding two such procedures will enable the expectant mother to get rid of cystitis.

disease prevention.So, to avoid future occurrence of cystitis should follow certain rules: - avoid hypothermia; - hygiene genitals - to prevent overflow of the bladder - to eat - to minimize alcohol intake - do not wear too tight underwear; - usemore fluid.With timely treatment of inflammation of the bladder prognosis is quite favorable and cystitis do not go into a chronic form.However, to consolidate the results achieved need to change their lifestyle and diet.