Mummy sold in pharmacies in the form of tablets of 0.2 In most cases, the daily dose is 0.3 g mummy.Depending on the disease, the physician may adjust the dose.
tablets prescribed for adults and adolescents after 14 years.They are taken several times a day.In the morning - on an empty stomach and in the evening - half an hour before a meal.Generally, treatment is 20-25 days.In some cases, the treatment can be extended to several months.The tablet is dissolved in 3 tablespoons of warm water.The solution you need to drink at once, otherwise it will lose its healing properties.
Tablets mummy treat many diseases:

- mummy used in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers and intestinal diseases;

- it helps in diseases of the liver and kidneys;

- if you suffer cholecystitis, diabetes, or cystitis, mummy tablets will help to cope with these diseases;

- if you have respiratory problems, in particular, concerned about asthma, a course of tablets mummy will greatly facilitate your condition;

- mummy pills help to cope with headaches, insomnia and diseases of the nervous system;

- they are used as a treatment for impotence and infertility;

- means perfectly helps with fractures and wounds of different origin;

- mummy treats allergic diseases;

- the medicine has an antitumor effect and is used in the treatment of a tumor;

- mummy has antibacterial properties and strengthens the immune system;

- tools used in hearing loss and otitis;

- pills help in case of poisoning poisons of plant and animal origin;

- if you feel tired and lack of energy, a course of tablets mummy will help you recover and feel a surge of strength.
During the pills mummy eliminate alcohol in any form, strong tea, coffee, and any foods and medications that affect the brain.
mummy Tablets are contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation and high blood pressure.