begin, of course, should be inside.After becoming weaker potency because a member of the corpora cavernosa to fill with blood worse.Then we have to bring your body back in order.First of all, give up excessive alcohol and smoking - all this leads to a deterioration of the blood supply.Then enter in your diet foods that promote sexual uvelicheeniyu force.
These properties are those foods that contain a lot of vitamins A, E and B. This walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, oranges, figs, pomegranates, all kinds of onions.If the onion mix with egg, its beneficial effect on the potency increases.Do not forget about the mushrooms and nettles.Good help in weakening the po
tency of dandelion leaves during its flowering.Dairy products also help in amorous pleasures.Eat cottage cheese and sour cream, yogurt and yogurt drink.Of course, it is necessary to consume a sufficient amount of protein as meat and fish, but not too fatty.Miraculous in terms of enhancing the potency considered to flounder.
As virility
After building the proper diet you can prepare the potency-enhancing compounds.Take 200 grams of prunes, mix with 200 g of raisins, and 200 g of dry figs, add 12 walnuts.Put the mixture in the refrigerator and take every day for 2 tablespoons.It is better to do it in the evening and drink drug yogurt.
Also great effect on the potency of this mixture: very finely chop 1 kg of juicy garlic and put it in a 3-liter jar.Then pour boiling water, cover and put on a month in the darkness.Do not forget every day a little shake the contents of the can.Drink every day for 1 teaspoon, diluted in a glass of milk.
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Begin to move more.Walk in the fresh air instead of sitting in front of a TV.In the evening do contrast baths for feet.First, immerse your feet in hot water, then in cold.And so - for 15 minutes.Zagotovte ice in the freezer.Every day, wrap a piece of cloth and keep in the back of the head, in the place where it joins the head and the top of the neck.You need to apply ice for 1 minute.Then keep a rag with ice for 1 minute on the edges, where the heart is.Then another 1 minute Apply the ice on the scrotum.Soon the potency increase.
As virility