Quit Smoking "reduction cigarettes" - the most naive of all the methods.As a rule, it advised people who have never smoked.Or smokers themselves deceived, that with such a method it is possible to finally get off the nicotine addiction.The fact that even one cigarette per day completely satisfies requirement (caused by smoking) organism nicotine.Yes, and it will not last long.Such people often "break" on its usual dosage.Naturally, quit smoking with the help of smoking,
it's also emphasizes the "exceptional" role of the effect of nicotine on the human.Such a method is completely unacceptable.
nicotine gum, patches, electronic cigarettes, etc.Too pretty naive funds.When a person wants to get rid of nicotine dependence, the worst of the means of implementing the set goal - to use nicotine in some other "shell".As a rule, after the use of "substitute" man soon returns to cigarettes.
preparations to facilitate smoking cessation - do not contain nicotine.More effective.They usually cause the body's aversion to nicotine for a while, giving man "head start" in a week or month.After that will be a choice - do not smoke or begin again.The effect is often positive, since a month people can decide for themselves firmly to quit smoking.It is recommended to accept the Bulgarian drug "Tabeks", available in almost all drugstores Russia.
Willpower - is also a common way without using any tools.In this way it is easier to quit smoking, because it does not "exaggerate" the role of nicotine in a person's life.Not suggests that the drug is so important that in order to deal with it is necessary to take any drugs or substitutes.
After a sharp throwing cigarettes a person would be "breaking" because nicotine is addictive, including psychological.After smoking for the years become something akin to a ritual.Increased desire to smoke will last about 2-3 days.Then the desire will be weaker, but will not disappear even within one to three months.Then there is a chance that it will completely disappear.