Note that swap contact lenses, even if you have the same diopter, is not recommended.This is due to the fact that microflora of the right and left eyes are different.This can cause a variety of inflammatory processes.
for storing contact lenses need to purchase a special container.Typically, the lid of the container are designated by letters «R» and «L».R - the first letter of the English word «right».The cell with this label is designed to store the right contact lens.L - «left» - to the left.
One of the cells of the containe
r may be provided with a special notch.This label is to help people who, because of poor eyesight can not see the letters, identify the desired cell.Some models have a colored container cover, which also helps to navigate.
order not to confuse the contact lenses, it is recommended to start to put on and remove them always with the right eye.Earn it entered you in the habit.Never open the lid of the container, both at the same time.Open the right cover.Remove / put lens .Screw the lid.Repeat with the left cell.
If you are confused contact lenses, you can try on their own to determine which one is right and which one - left.However, this method is suitable only for lenses with various diopters.
Remove both lenses and place them on the balls of the index fingers.Look carefully and try to estimate their thickness.Try gently bend them.Thicker lens has a large diopter.This method may be suitable for a lens having a significant difference - at least 2-3 diopters.
If the difference is not great, then find the "right» lens only empirically.Take one of the lenses and put it on the eye that sees better.Try to see things far and near.If you feel uncomfortable, then most likely, it is a "strong" lens.If the discomfort does not arise, clear lens and place it in the desired cell of the container.Take another, put it on the same eye again and analyze their feelings.