Taking pills valerian much more convenient than a tincture containing a similar active substance.And contrary to popular belief, they are no less effective.The alcohol contained in the liquid form of medication is contraindicated in pregnant women and children, and the tablets are suitable for these categories of people.Studies have shown that the therapeutic effect after administration of the tablet occurs slightly later than after receiving infusions, but this is the only difference between them.
Each tablet contains valerian powder which is prepared by grinding or valerian root extract thick plants.The drug reduces the heart rate and dilates blood vessels, thus inhibited the activity o
f the central nervous system and general well-being and sleep bounce back.
Many patients are surprised when a well-known sedative, valerian as tablets, indicated for problems with the gastrointestinal tract.However, the drug is actually effective in intestinal colic, as has a spasmolytic effect.In this situation, you need to take two tablets once valerian, and if it is a child, it is enough to 20 mg of the drug (ie, a single tablet).
is not always a single dose of the drug is effective.And if we are talking about a serious stressful situation (illness or death of a loved one) or the upcoming challenges (interview for employment, exams), increased nervous excitability will not be removed, taking a one-time one or two tablets.In this situation, doctors recommend drinking the drug before meals three times a day two tablets (one for children will be enough).
If you are prone to insomnia or neurosis may require coursework pills valerian.Usually enough months of treatment, but in severe cases, the duration can be increased.Drink two tablets three times a day before meals and after a few days you will notice a marked effect of the drug.If it is a child, then the drug dose should be halved.