itself habit of smoking flavored cigarettes carries more aesthetic function.Light minty smell is not as intrusive as a "pure" tobacco smoke, but do menthol cigarettes tend to have a more elegant look than regular cigarettes with the yellow filter.Long slim and light menthol cigarette smoke around with the beautiful way in the movie from the beginning of the last century, became associated with an atmosphere of mystery and romance.

smoke menthol cigarettes both women and men, but representatives of the beautiful half of humanity into force imposed on the on-screen smoking attitudes and aesthetics increasingly prefer fragrant smoke.And I must say, a great risk.For menthol coolness hiding the same tobacco, as in a conventional cigarette.Before getting into the package, it is dried and trea
ted with ammonia, carbon dioxide, ammonia, alkaloids, nitrogen.

Interestingly, the "stuffing" of menthol cigarettes have no place of natural mint.From then there is a nice fresh taste while smoking?The fact that in the manufacturing process only menthol impregnated paper.However, inhaling the fragrant smoke, the smoker does not see that makes deeper inhaling and smoked more cigarettes per day.This is because the menthol is peculiar for anesthesia of mucous tissue, so the process of inhalation "cool" smoke considerably facilitated.

Thus, the detrimental effects of toxins and tar deposited on the airway during smoking menthol cigarettes, it increases several times.It is scientifically proven that the risk of fatal diseases of the cardiovascular system at the "menthol" smokers increases at least twice compared to those who choose regular cigarettes.In addition, quit smoking flavored cigarettes is much more difficult, and among those who did, half the people are returning to the pernicious menthol again.