you need
  • or
  • - furatsilin tablets of 0.02 g;
  • - water;
  • - cotton pads
  • or
  • - furatsilina sterile solution of 0.02%;
  • - cotton pads.
not always possible to obtain a sterile solution furatsilina.As a rule, it is sold in a prescription and production department of public pharmacies.But not always such a pharmacy is located in close to home.It is therefore easier to buy the drug in tablets at any local pharmacy, and cook the liquid eyewash own.
Pour into a glass of 200 ml of warm boiled water, and put 2 tablets furatsilina.Since they are very poorly soluble in water, will have to wait half a day.If the pre-crush tablet, the waiting time will be reduced.But in any case, before t
he application of the solution must percolate through double gauze, since even tiny particles can cause damage to the tablet conjunctiva.
Flush eyes with a solution at room temperature.If you wish, you can also heat the liquid up to 37 degrees.But in any case the temperature of the solution should not be higher than body temperature.
eyewash should be carried out with clean hands, so before the procedure, wash them with warm water and soap.
Flush eyes in several ways.The simplest of them - with a cotton pad.Soak them furatsilina solution, wring out slightly, slightly move the lower eyelid and start rubbing his eyes from the inner edge to the outer.
Even if struck by an eye infection, you need to wash both eyes, and it is important to do this separate cotton pad.Compliance with hygiene requirements would not allow the infection to spread to healthy eyes.
also for washing can use special eye funnel-shaped cup.If desired, they can be purchased at the pharmacy.When washing is important not to turn a blind eye, or therapeutic effect could not be reached.Feed should be a permanent solution, but not very strong.This washing method is typically used in contact with a foreign body in the eye.